Laurel Snyder Month

It is officially the first annual Laurel Snyder September on my blog! Hooray! You may be asking yourself: Why does Laurel Snyder get a whole month dedicated to her on this prestigious blog? If that’s the case, you should first make your way to her website and look around. Then purchase some of her books to share with the kids in your life. Now that you have more background, you know that Mrs. Snyder has written some great books for kids. I am dedicating the entire month of September to her books because she is going to be participating in a Skype session with the students at my school in October. Hooray again! So I will be reading her books and writing about them on this blog throughout the month!

The first book I chose is her picture book called Inside the Slidy Diner. I really did not know what to expect from this book. Based on some of the features of the cover, I knew this diner probably wasn’t up-to-code with local health ordnances. I wondered about the lemon drop featured in the girl’s heart-shaped grasp and what it would have to do with the plot. After a few more questions rattled around in my head, I dove into the book.

This story is told from the perspective of a little girl who seems to live in the Slidy Diner. She drags a boy through the establishment and explains what it is like there every day. This mostly includes strange (the man who smells like mice and sleeps in a bowl of oatmeal) and gross (sticky buns that fall to the floor are served again) features. The unnamed protagonist eventually shows the boy how not everything is really as bad as it sounds.

The book does not have much text, but readers are kept moving through the different aspects of the diner with the writing that is present. Even with so few words, there are some great descriptions that really make the reader think, such as when the paint on the walls is described as the “color of your grandma’s slippers.”

I loved the art in this book due to all of the little details that make the setting come to life. The illustrations work well with the sparse text. Readers could pore over these pictures for an extended amount of time and still not notice everything that is happening. The colors that are used work well to set the tone of the story.

Although younger readers who enjoy picture books can read this book, older readers will definitely enjoy the book and have things to think about because of all of the inferences that can be made. I can just see readers asking questions about the characters featured in the story and making up tales about other things that might happen in the diner. I also expect that some of these readers would love the gross-out content, like images of bugs on every page and lady fingers that are…real ladies’ fingers! Overall, I enjoyed Inside the Slidy Diner for its great art and quirky writing. Check out Inside the Slidy Diner from your library today!

Until next time, have a Snydertastic September!


7 responses to “Laurel Snyder Month

  1. Great idea to dedicate a whole month to this author as she’ll be skyping with all of you. Obviously, the kids will get so much more out of the skype with the author if they’ve read more of her books. WIll your kids be posting any blogs about her? Will she get her own

    handmade bookshelves in your classroom?

    • I can see if she would like me to send a book shelf out to the east coast but I really doubt the shipping fees would be worth it for the quality of construction.
      My students will probably not have blogs by then so I don’t think there will be any posts dedicated to her books by that time, but maybe later in the year.

    • Three of her novels are currently checked out from my library, with a few ‘holds’ on Bigger Than a Breadbox. That one will be in one of my next couple posts but I can tell you now that I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Dedicating the whole month to one author is such a great idea! I might have to borrow it for my blog! I have Bigger Than a Breadbox (soft cover) pre-ordered! I can’t wait to read it! I can’t wait to visit Snyder’s website and share your blog with my class!

    • The month will mostly be dedicated to her books as I have my planned post about classroom libraries and another post about graphic novels (unplanned, but necessary). I will be interested to see what author you choose!

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